Rally Materials - Idea

Welcome and thanks for coming!

Let us introduce the concept of Rally Materials by Rallye Zlín. Our team was established more than 15 years ago, when various documents and materials needed for organization of sporting events started to be prepared in electronic way. At that moment we were standing in front of big portion of learning. Being the organizers of traditional Barum Czech Rally Zlín, our journey went step by step, but in a good direction. And once the engine was started, we got an idea - to put our technologies and know how to good use and provide its results to others, so the customers would recieve complete finished product and we could polish up our skills in once. Did the idea work? Yes.

As the years were running, we made big steps in the development. First contracts and orders were mostly about gathering experience and most of our customers came from local rallies in the Czech Republic. But thanks to them, we could improve our work and put in on level, which started to be very competetive and interesting also for many rally organizers abroad.

Nowadays, we still serve our service to many Czech rally events, but the portflio of foreign customers connected to prestigious championships like FIA WRC, FIA ERC, IRC and many national series has been widened every year. And the spectrum of provided stuff has changed as well. We are able to offer any conceivable range of materials corresponding to today's standards of sporting events - from time cards and road books to various merchandising stuff.

Our main advantages are quality, rapidity, precision and reasonable price. We offer you concept 6 in 1 which can contain following features:

Making of

Our workers are able to travel to the place of the rally and prepare e.g. the road book on their selves. They are able to help with planning or optimizing the rally in order to make its run smooth.

Know how

Our company cooperates with more than 30 rally organizers every year. We are providing not only materials, but as our people often work as licensed Officials on several rallies, we can offer also general know how about rallies on the consultancy level.

Computer processing

Our experienced design centre is responsible for processing of all materials to the digital format. If needed, our workers can also create the designs for cover pages, stickers, materials and other printings on their own.


We offer you several types of printings from the basic ones, followed by offset print, silk screen print, sublimation and digital print.


The completing of materials is very important part of the game. As the rally materials are often compiled very specifically, they can not be completed with the automated machines. And therefore the proper manual hand work comes on place. We work only with people who are keen on rallying and know how to work with the materials. These are the basic conditions, which secure the work will be done properly.


We are able to transport the finalised product to any destination in the world. We have at disposal our own vans and drivers, but we also cooperate with traditional delivery services, which – thanks to the long-term agreements and cooperation – work for very good prices. It depends on the character of the order, the destination and the basic deal with the customer which form of the delivery will be chosen.

Materials for rallies or any sporting events represent very specific type of product. Although these days the base data have been from 100% processed in the digital way, its physical production mostly contain manual hand work, which is generally more and more rare. But we do it, because rally is our passion. And we share it!