Rally Materials - Road Books

Road books are one of our key products. They belong to the group of materials which are the most important for the rally, so they have to be fully correct and precise. We have been making the road books since 1999. Since that time, we have invented many ways, how to produce it quickly and high-quality. They also always fully correspond to the current FIA regulations.

Three possibilities how to make the road books:

1) Our team can prepare the entire road book on key, using our own (or customer’s) car equipped with tripmaster, GPS and digital camera in case of a interest of having onboard DVD for drivers. There is needed only one person form the organizer’s team who knows the rally route. Everything else can be managed by ourselves.

2) The second option for making a road book is to send us by post or e-mail the hand-drawn road book. We process the data to the digital format, print the Road Books and transport them to the customer.

3) The third option is that the customer prepares the whole road book by themselves and just sends us a print-ready PDF file. We then manage the physical realisation of the product and the delivery.

For making the road book content maximum precise, the best is to let us make the first option (complete work), as we can see the stages and get know the rally. Our experienced workers have routine methods so they note everything needed for the complete data – not only the arrows and distances, but also GPS coordinates, additional information etc. Afterwards the work on computer is easier for us as we remember how the roads looked in reality and it is also easier and error-proof for us to read the hand-drawn notes from our own people.

Writing of the road book can take from one day to one week – it depends on the customer’s wishes about the order. If there is requested only the road book, or the Recce road book, Alternative road book, Rally Guide road book, etc as well. For making of complete road book we give you special discount to encourage you to make all with one group.

The road book for semi and final corrections is always sent to the customer in PDF preview file. We are making road books for Rally Sweden, ADAC Rallye Deutschland, Cyprus Rally, Croatia Rally, Jännerrallye and many others, therefore there is no need to be worried about the distance between us and the customer.

Operation steps:

  • Road Book writing
  • Computer processing
  • Printing and binding
  • Delivery to the customer

    Technology of print:

  • Offset print
  • Digital print

    Time needed for production:

  • Ca. 2-3 months (depending how the road book is complicated)