Rally Materials - Tabards

Tabards are on rallies used mainly for marking route marshals or media workers. They can be made from many different materials. For the production there can be used already existing and sewed semi-product (mostly orange or yellow colour), which is then covered with requested prints, logos, writings, etc. Or the tabard can be sewed by us with colours and designs fully corresponding to the customer’s wishes. Colour of the tabard can be basic one, given with by the initial material, or printed by sublimation technology together with motive and design on tabard. There is also possibility of having tabards numbered. For the officials, mechanics or timekeepers there can be produced more compact armbands instead of tabards, which allow different style of identification. There is a possibility of having fluorescent strips on both tabards and armbands.

Operation steps:

  • Data processing or delivering
  • Sewing of tabards or armbands
  • Delivery to the customer

    Technology of print:

  • Silk screen print
  • Sublimation

    Time needed for production:

  • Ca. 3-4 weeks